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Ledbury Country Market sells a wide selection of home produced vegetables, fruit, eggs, cakes, puddings, biscuits, bread and savoury items. We sell a popular range of charcuterie and also craft items, garden plants, cut flowers and vegetable seedlings when in season. Everything is fresh and produced within a 15 mile radius of Ledbury by people with a passion for good quality and value. We also provide tea, coffee and fruit juice with home made biscuits, cake and toast.  If you are interested in becoming a producer please enquire by email or pop into Market to meet us.


Cooked food  at Ledbury Country Market

We offer sweet and savoury baking including cakes, biscuits, bread, pies, pasties, flans, charcuterie and ready meals. We have an incredibly wide selection of chutneys, jams, marmalades, honey and free range eggs to choose from. Everything that we have on offer is produced by local people with a love for cooking and producing great quality food.

Craft at Ledbury Country Market

The craft department is home to a variety of locally produced items including cards, decorative objects as well as more functional and practical everyday items all produced by hand with loving care. We also have occasional guest producers selling own reared sheeps wool products, home thrown pottery and beeswax candles complete with wood turned holders.

Grown food  at Ledbury Country Market

We sell an assortment of our own grown fruit and vegetables, herbs, cut flowers and plants. We also offer a wide selection of top quality hardy perennials, annuals and shrubs, all sold complete with advice on the plants requirements. In spring the market is busy with customers buying our large selection of vegetable seedlings so they can grow their own.

Ledbury Country Market is part of the nationwide organisation, Country Markets Limited, and also a member of the Herefordshire Country Markets Society Limited.